Metropolitan Transit Authority Contract — Safety & Health

Article XVIII. Miscellaneous Working Conditions

The Authority agrees to provide adequate, clean, safe and sanitary working conditions, in conformance with minimum standards of applicable law.

The Authority agrees, where other first-aid facilities are not available, to maintain first-aid kits readily available to employees covered by this agreement ...

The Authority agrees to prepare a contingency plan for assignment of handicapped employees during major failures of public transportation. Such plan will be prepared after the Authority reviews similar plans by City agencies.

Article XXVIII. City-wide Issues

The parties agree to re-open discussions on the following topics should the City effect changes during the term of this Agreement: ... temperature conditions.

Article XXXII. Disabled Employees

The parties agree to make any modifications to this collective bargaining agreement as may be necessary to comply with any Federal law affecting the requirements for accommodating the disabled.

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