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DC 37's PEOPLE webpage

What is PEOPLE?
PEOPLE is AFSCME's legislative/political action program.

PEOPLE is Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality.

PEOPLE is also the official name of AFSCME's political action committee and is registered with the Federal Election Commission. Federal law and some state laws prohibit the use of union dues money to support political candidates. Campaign contributions by AFSCME to these candidates must come from a separate voluntary fund.

As workers who provide important services to the public we are faced with special problems. Politicians and others frequently use public employees as "scapegoats" to justify layoffs, contracting out, closing facilities, etc. Those of us who are retired AFSCME members also face attacks on our hard-earned retirement benefits. Through the political process we can have a voice in setting important public policy. Through the political process public employees can elect politicians who are sensitive to maintaining vital public service and dealing with workers fairly.

PEOPLE at work
It all starts with you. AFSCME PEOPLE work to have a say in their own destiny. We work for a better quality of life for ourselves, our families, our communities.

Raising volunteer PEOPLE dollars is hard, but necessary work. PEOPLE dollars help fuel this Union's legislative and political programs. It takes hard-earned PEOPLE dollars to get the job done.

AFSCME PEOPLE know that if we sit back and do nothing there will be more cutbacks, more privatization, and more heartache for those least able to care for themselves.

Conservative, business-oriented, anti-union political action committees contribute hundreds of millions of dollars yearly to get politicians elected who are sympathetic to their views.

AFSCME PEOPLE is our voice. AFSCME PEOPLE allows us to be heard on issues important to us. We are not only the workers who perform vital public services, but we are the advocates for quality services, safe and reasonable working conditions, justice, and economic freedom for all.

AFSCME PEOPLE raises volunteer monies to carry this message. AFSCME PEOPLE supports "get-out-the-vote" efforts, phone banks and campaign workers. AFSCME PEOPLE cares and gets involved.


Join PEOPLE Now. Get involved by:

  • Making a PEOPLE donation. Individual contributions can be made by check, money order, cash or credit card.
  • Signing a payroll deduction for PEOPLE checkoff.
  • Signing up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTS) through a credit union account, your regular checking or savings account.
  • Organizing PEOPLE fundraising events.
  • Becoming active in your Union's PEOPLE committee.
  • Joining the Presidents Club.
    For an annual contribution of at least $35 you will receive:
    • a Presidents Club membership card entitling you to attend special events at AFSCME conventions and conferences.
    • a Presidents Club lapel pin which identifies you as an AFSCME PEOPLE activist.
    • a subscription to "The Activist," our political/legislative newsletter.
      the AFSCME "Voters Guide" informing you how Senators and Representatives in Congress voted on our key issues.
    • Being a VIP (Very Important PEOPLE). For an annual contribution of $50 you will receive all the benefits of the Presidents Club plus VIP premiums according to your year of membership.
    • 1st year/VIP windbreaker style jacket
    • 2nd year/Gold-tone pen and pencil set
    • 3rd year/VIP sweatshirt
    • 4th year/VIP weekender bag
    • 5th year/VIP 5th year jacket...
    • and after 10 years a special 10th year VIP club shirt.

How much money does it cost to join PEOPLE?
The minimum amount a union member can contribute to the program is fifty cents per pay period. Members may also make a yearly contribution to PEOPLE by sending a check or money order made payable to: DC 37 PEOPLE Membership applications may be obtained from your Local PEOPLE Coordinator or by calling the PEOPLE office at (212) 815-1578.

Who do I contact when I don't receive my VIP gift?
Contact the PEOPLE office at (212) 815-1578 or your PEOPLE Coordinator.

How long do I have to contribute to PEOPLE?
PEOPLE contributions are voluntary and can be stopped at any time by contacting the PEOPLE office.

Are PEOPLE contributions tax deductible?
No, PEOPLE contributions are not tax deductible.

Can my friends contribute to PEOPLE?
No, in accordance with federal law, the DC 37 PEOPLE Committee will only accept contributions from members of locals affiliated with DC 37, AFSCME and their families.

All AFSCME members and their families can be a part of PEOPLE!

Please call your PEOPLE coordinator at (212) 815 -1578 to sign up.

You can also mail your check and information to:

125 Barclay Street room 414
New York, NY 10007

Information must include:
First Name, Last Name, Name of Local, Home Address and Home phone number.

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