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Other Useful Links

This page contains links to information on other ways you can benefit as a member of Local 2627.

  1. Lenovo Member Discounts
  2. Discounts on Movies and Broadway Tickets

Lenovo offers discounts on new computers to DC 37 members

DC 37 members can receive discounts on computer purchases through a discount plan arranged by Lenovo and the union.

The union expects the plan to be part of the merchant discount program on big-ticket products that the city agreed to under the 2000-2002 economic agreement.

"Though we negotiated on our own to get the Lenovo discount plan, we expect that it will be incorporated into the city's merchant discount program, once it gets off the ground," said Dennis Sullivan, director of research and negotiations.

The Lenovo plan offers up to 10 percent off the prices on purchases normally made through the company's website, catalogue or 800 telephone number.

The discounts for DC 37 members are available through Lenovo's Corporate Employee Purchase Program. Members must use a special code, "4417," to participate in the discount plan.

To find out about the products offered by the Lenovo Corporate Employee Purchase Program, go to its website at http://www.lenovo.com/shop/deals/4417/. The available products include computers, notebooks, CD- and DVD-ROM drives and software.

"At any time, the products vary, so it pays to check the website to consider the latest offers," said Moira Dolan, an assistant director in the DC 37 Research and Negotiations Dept., who arranged for the union's participation in the program. "It is also wise to shop around, because retailers also offer discounts," Ms. Dolan said.

Discounts on Movies, Broadway Tickets, DVD Rentals, and more

UnionPlus offers union members discounts on movie rentals and many kinds of tickets — movies, theaters, museums, sporting events, theme parks, ski lifts, etc. They'll even help you get into Disneyland for less.

To register go to http://www.unionplus.org/entertainment.cfm.

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