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Local 2627 Tuition Reimbursement Program FAQ

1. What is the Local 2627 Tuition Reimbursement Program?

It is a program that provides reimbursement for work related computer/IT classes only. It will cover: tuition and registration. Reimbursement for Computer/IT certification exams for Local 2627 members should be submitted to DC 37 (see #2, #3 & #4).

In order to qualify you must be a member in Good Standing for at least two (2) years (have a signed Green Union Card on file).

2. What courses can I be reimbursed for?

Computer courses taken from valid educational institutions are reimbursable. Fees for certification exams are also reimbursable, but must be submitted to DC 37. If denied by DC 37 you can resubmit with DC 37 rejection information to Local 2627 for a max. of $600.

3. How much can I be reimbursed?

DC 37 reimburses up to $915 per year for just about any courses/classes you take as long as you pass or receive a letter grade of "C" or above. DC 37 will reimburse up to $915 for any computer/IT certification exams, so you should apply directly to DC 37. Local 2627 will evaluate requests (max $600 ) denied by DC 37.

DC 37 reimburses up to $915 for on-line courses. Always apply to DC 37 first. DC 37 uses a reimbursement form which can be obtained by calling (212) 815-1700. You will also need to provide a copy of the DC 37 reimbursement check or the rejection letter when you submit your request to Local 2627.

Example A: Tuition during a calendar year for covered courses (computer courses or — for members who have taken Shop Steward Training) is $915. DC 37 pays $915. Local 2627 pays nothing.

Example B: Tuition during a calendar year for covered courses is $1600. DC 37 pays $915. If DC 37 rejected the computer courses or certification exam, Local 2627 may pay up to $600 for Computer/IT related courses or certs that it deems valid. Once you receive $915 or less in reimbursement from DC 37, you cannot receive reimbursement from Local 2627 for the same courses/certification/training, etc. reimbursed by DC 37.

Example C: The cost of a covered certification exam is $200. DC 37 will reimburse for certification exams up to $915. If denied by DC 37; resubmit to Local 2627. If approved, $200 will be reimbursed.

4. When should I file for a refund?

Members are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to send their request for reimbursement (DC37 letter & 2627 request form) via the United States Postal Service Certified Return Receipt.

COLLEGE COMPUTER CLASSES ONLY: If you are seeking reimbursement for a college credit computer class, apply to DC 37 as soon as you have proof you passed the course.

After you have received reimbursement from DC 37, if their payment does not cover the whole tuition/registration cost apply to Local 2627 to cover the remainder up to $600 a year. You must submit your application for reimbursement to Local 2627 within 60 days of the date that appears on the reimbursement check from the DC 37 Education Fund or the date on the DC 37 Rejection Letter.

NON-CREDIT COMPUTER COURSES: If you are seeking reimbursement for a non-credit computer course taken at a college, apply to DC 37 as soon as you have proof you passed the course. Reimbursement is a maximum of $915 for the calendar year. If denied by DC 37; resubmit to Local 2627 with the rejection letter.

ACCREDITED TECHNICAL SCHOOL COMPUTER COURSES: If you are seeking reimbursement for a computer course taken at an accredited technical school, apply to DC 37 as soon as you have proof you passed the course. Reimbursement is a maximum of $915 for the calendar year. If denied by DC 37; resubmit to Local 2627 with the rejection letter.

CERTIFICATES: If you are seeking reimbursement for a certification exam, apply directly to DC 37 within 60 days of receiving proof that you passed the exam.

APPLYING TO LOCAL 2627: Include the following items in your Local 2627 tuition reimbursement application:

  • MUST supply completed application in full a phone number, day evening or both
  • MUST supply your agency name
  • PROOF that you passed the course
  • PROOF that you paid for the course (paid bill & method of payment, not cash)
  • PROOF of how much DC 37 reimbursed you (This does not apply to certification exams) or the DC 37 Rejection Letter
  • Description of class

NO Payments to vendors in Cash!

ALERT, as of April 2, 2019, only Local 2627 members in good standing for a minimum of two years can qualify for education reimbursement!

Education reimbursement will be distributed on the FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis.


Courses paid in cash will NOT be reimbursed by Local 2627.
Acceptable types of payment to vendors include Checks, Money Orders, Credit Cards, etc.
Include copies of the front and back of Checks that you supply to Local 2627.

Applications to Local 2627 for tuition reimbursement must be sent by mail. Do not fax or email. Do not send originals — send copies only. Include your name, Social Security number, phone numbers, address, the agency for which you work, and your e-mail address if you have one.

Send to:
DC 37 — Local 2627
55 Water Street, 23rd Floor
New York, NY 10041

Do Not Fax. Do Not eMail.

5. How soon after submitting my application to Local 2627 will I receive my check?

You should receive your reimbursement sometime during the calendar month 6 to 8 weeks following after receipt of your application.

6. Do I have to pass the course to be reimbursed?


7. Can I be reimbursed for my child's or other family member's tuition?


8. Can I be reimbursed for books?


9. Can I be reimbursed for lab or application fees?


10. Can I be reimbursed for computer certificate exams?

Yes, from DC 37 (see #1 & #2).

11. What opportunities are there for Local 2627 members who work at CUNY to take courses for free at city colleges?

The union has negotiated contractual rights for its members who work for CUNY to attend classes at CUNY. To see the contract language, click here.

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