Members in CUNY

Article V.

Section 5. — Educational Opportunities

Employees shall be exempted from the payment of tuition fees for courses offered at colleges of The City University, as defined in Article I, pursuant to the following conditions;

(a) Each employee, to qualify for tuition fee exemption, shall:

  1. be a full-time active employee, and
  2. have served full time for at least twelve months prior to the first day of classes, and
  3. meet the academic requirements for the course. (It is not necessary for the employee to be a candidate for a degree; the employee may be a nondegree student).

(b) Tuition fee exemption shall be offered for courses which are:

  1. in an associate degree program,
  2. in a baccalaureate degree program.
[See also, PART TWO, below]

(c) Exemption from payment of tuition fees shall not apply to adult education courses or to other courses supported solely by fees except as provided herein.

(d) Exemption from payment of tuition fees does not include exemption from payment of non-instructional fees.

(e) Selected employees who are recommended by their supervisor for training in stenography, typing, and other special work skills, after consultation with the administrative head of the Division in which the course is offered, for example, a Dean of a School, shall be exempt from payment of tuition fees for such courses.

(f) Other conditions of tuition fee exemption:

  1. There must be an available vacancy in the course at the time of enrollment and such enrollment shall not be used to determine if the course is to be given.
  2. The course shall not be taken during employee's normal working hours.
  3. An employee may choose to take a course during his/her lunch hour which is designated as the period between the hours of 11:45 a.m. and 2:15 p.m., provided that when an employee elects to take a course during the lunch hour he/she will automatically be charged, at the beginning of the semester, at the rate of 15 minutes of annual leave per contact hour. Therefore, on a semester basis, an employee will be charged one-half (½) day of annual leave for each classroom period per week (a classroom period is not to exceed sixty (60) minutes). If at the end of the semester, the employee can reasonably demonstrate to his/her College Director of Human Resources that the time charged was not used, all such time will be restored to the employee's annual leave balance.

(g) The controlling factors in the availability of the educational opportunities described above shall continue to be time in employment, availability of courses, work schedules, and, with reference to subsection (e) selection.


6.a Article V of the respective Blue and White Collar Unit Agreements shall be amended to provide three (3) credits per semester at the graduate level to full-time employees of the Blue and White Collar Units during the fall and spring semesters, on a space available, no cost basis, in accordance with the requirements set forth in Article V, Section 5 of the Blue and White Collar Unit Agreements.