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Civil Service Exams and Lists

When exams are given for Local 2627 titles we try to arrange for training sessions for our members. If you plan to take any of these exams, we urge you to attend the appropriate class. You will be notified about upcoming classes automatically if you are on the Local 2627 e-alert list. To register for the Local 2627 e-alert list, click here

Anyone may take any citywide or CUNY Open Competitive exam. However, if you plan to move from CUNY to a non-CUNY agency or vice versa, we strongly advise you to check with the Local first. CUNY and non-CUNY agencies are governed by different contracts and have different job titles; your seniority and longevity benefits may be affected by such a move. It is important to get these issues worked out with management in advance, before you make such a move.

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DCAS Automated Civil Service Number: 212-669-1357
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