This is the website for the IT Professionals of the City of New York, DC 37, AFSCME. IT Professionals of the City of NY represents over 6,000 employees who work in IT titles across all City of New York agencies.

NYCERS: Military Buy-Back

Sister and Brothers, if you were in the military and discharged honorably you can by back that time and apply it to your pension years.
NYCERS — Military Buy-Back

You have the right to union representation during certain meetings with management

Read about your Weingarten Rights

Cannot Bar Computer Use for Union Activities

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Civil Service Exam Fact Sheet

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Layoffs: Know your rights

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Types Of Civil Service Employment Status

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You Cannot Be Forced To Take A Position or Promotion

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
You cannot be forced to take any position or promotion. You cannot be forced to give up your civil service position to take a non-civil service position. If your agency changes or tries to change your civil service status without your permission, contact Local 2627 immediately. Be cautious, not all positions offered are protected DC 37 or union positions.

Who gets paid overtime according to the Fair Labor Standards Act

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DCAS List Restoration Q&A

What do I do if I'm called from a civil service list for a job interview?
Follow the instructions on your interview... (more info)

Where to Apply for Exams

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Where to Apply for Jobs

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  • For a list of City University of New York jobs, click here


Good and Welfare is generally flowers or a fruit basket sent to members that are seriously ill or members who suffer the death of an immediate family member or a new birth in the members immediate family. As I stated generally, there are some exceptions that we decide on as they occur.

Per the Citywide Contract: Article 5, Section 5, Sub-Section 6:

Family member shall be defined as: spouse; natural, foster or step parent; child, brother or sister; father-in-law; mother-in-law; any relative residing in the household; and domestic partner, provided such domestic partner is registered pursuant to the terms set forth in the New York City Administrative Code Section 3-240 et seq.

When you send a request for Good and Welfare for a member you always have to include the member's name, agency and phone number. We need to know the where to send, the what to send and the who to send to.

Recommended Temperatures at Work Site

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Policy for Orthopoxyvirus-Monkeypox

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Unlimited Sick Leave for Employees with 9/11 Related Illnesses

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Titles That Can Live Outside of NYC

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Women's Leadership Academy

Women's Leadership Academy

DC37 Rewards

DC37 Rewards

Paid Family Leave

Paid Family Leave Information

Details of the New Citywide Contract

NYC Pension Systems

Calendars of Scheduled Holidays

What you should know about Family Medical Leave Act

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View Housing Program Information

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How can Union Plus Help you?

Make your dream of home ownership a reality "HSBC Bank" article

Supplemental Insurance from Voluntary Insurance Program (VIP)

NEW COVID-19 Total Protection Plan Offer

Read more about the New COVID-19 Total Protection Plan Offer reading the The Bundle by VIP Brochure

Aflac for Local 2627 Members


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Aflac 2021 Open Enrollment

MDASR, LLP — NY and Long Island's Work Injury Law Firm

MDASR, LLP — NY and Long Island's Work Injury Law Firm

Labor Day Parade 2019

Labor Day Parade 2019